1. Fabulous! This video is so inspiring!! My heart is so glad that the building is really, actually being repaired and will be preserved for future generations! Thanks be to God! !

  2. I had the joy of visiting Kilninian a few weeks ago. I have questions about the history of the church well as the stones stored underneath the church. Is there an historian I could speak to about the cemetery, the origins of this particular site, and the objects stored? I would be happy to make a donation to the church for this opportunity. Thank you for your work to preserve this historical site.

    1. Kathleen
      How did you get to Kilninian? Is there a bus or a taxi? (I am sending the same question to Fr Seraphim.)
      I will be there at same time as a pilgrimage so it may not be a good time to visit it.
      Thanks so much,
      IM Perry

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