We shall lead only one pilgrimage to Northumbria per year. We decided to lead this pilgrimage as an offering of love to the amazing Saints of Northumbria, in particular St Cuthbert of Lindifarne, our unparalleled teacher of prayer and stillness.

The Pilgrimage lasts for a full week and is limited to a small group of only ten people. Experience has taught us that the smaller the group, the more intense and real can be the relationships which blossom between us and the Saints. There is more peace, there is more flexibility to adapt to the rhythm of each pilgrim, and there is more time for us to pray and properly talk.

The intended schedule of the Pilgrimage includes the UNESCO world-heritage city of Durham, home to one of the finest Norman Cathedrals in Europe, holding the relics of three Saints from the Celtic millennium (St Cuthbert of Lindisfarne; St Bede the Venerable and St Oswald).  

We shall also visit Lindisfarne itself, the Holy Island of Northumbria, where the monks from Iona (St Aidan in particular) founded the great Monastery of Lindisfarne; this is a small tidal island, just across from Bamburgh, and can only be accessed at low tide. Bamburgh is also on our itinerary, with its magnificent Castle (connected to both the early 400s Celtic Kingdom of Bernicia, and the later conversion to Christianity) and the ancient Church of St Aidan (the place where the great saint died in 651 is marked in the Church and we hope to celebrate the Divine Liturgy there). 

We hope to also celebrate the Divine Liturgy on the tiny island of Inner Farne, the secluded island where St Cuthbert lived as a hermit until his death; this little drop of land, with its tens of thousands of wild birds and seals, is the heart of our pilgrimage. We shall also visit Jarrow and the Monastery of St Paul, monastic home of St Bede; Alnwick Castle and, if time allows us, the spectacular ruins of Whitby Abbey, St Hilda’s monastery.

Our 2020 Pilgrimage to Northumbria is now fully booked. The Pilgrimages for 2021 will be announced in late February – early March 2020. If you would like to be added on our waiting list, email us at [email protected]