We aim to organise one Pilgrimage to the Monasteries in Moldavia every year, always around the same period, end of August / beginning of September. In 2024, we shall be there August 23 – September 2.

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The Pilgrimage lasts for eleven days and takes us through the famous Land of the Monasteries, one of the most beautiful parts of Romania and the spiritual heart of the country. In a relatively small area, hundreds of monasteries, sketes, hermitages and churches have been built during the centuries. All of them are still populated by monastic communities and in use, while new sketes and churches are being founded every year, the concrete expression of the deep and living faith of the people.

As with our Celtic Pilgrimages, I am doing everything possible to offer you the experience of a real, prayerful Pilgrimage. We are not operating as a tour company; we are a small monastic community that tries to share with you the spiritual joys of a real pilgrimage. Because we know you and the world you come from (all our pilgrims come from Western countries), we are in a position to offer you a balanced combination of safety and comfort, while not sacrificing on the spiritual benefits of a pilgrimage.

In practical terms, this means that we shall celebrate the Divine Liturgy as often as possible (hopefully on a daily basis); we shall not rush from one monastery to another, but take our time to develop a personal relationship with each place; we shall focus on prayer; we shall engage in spiritual conversations  with local monastics etc

For most of the pilgrimage, we shall be accommodated at the Skete of Rasca Monastery, the Monastery where I became a monk and a priest. We shall eat in the Monastery and have the opportunity to speak to the Abbot and the brothers. The skete has new and comfortable accommodation facilities for pilgrims, but it is about fifteen kilometres deep in the forest, so we shall also have the unique opportunity to see and partake in the life of a small and secluded brotherhood.