Iona Monastery

Our community established an Orthodox presence on Iona in the summer of 2022, when we purchased Iona Cottage. The new Monastery was canonically recognised by the Synod of the Metropolis of Southern and Western Europe (Romanian Patriarchate) in March 2023 and was dedicated to the Dormition of the Mother of God and all the Saints of Iona. It is now the permanent residence of our brothers.

We always knew that we would one day have a permanent monastic presence on Iona.¬†Spiritually, this is the ultimate fruit of our first Monastery on Mull and the fulfilment of St Columba’s prophecy about the return of the monks to Iona. Symbolically, the Orthodox Monastery on Iona is the final act in reclaiming the Isles for Orthodox monasticism and provides the Monastic Community with immense opportunity for missionary work.

Iona Cottage is a beautiful house from the early 1800s, located in the historic conservation area of Iona. The Monastery will accommodate part of our community, as well as providing our pilgrims with a unique opportunity to spend quiet, contemplative time on St Columba’s Holy Island. The Abbey, St Oran’s Chapel and Martyrs’ Bay are all just a few minutes walking distance from the Monastery.