Fr Seraphim has been offering retreats, conferences, parish talks and presentations for the last seven years. He has travelled to parishes and missions in Canada and most States in the USA.

We welcome all invitations to have Fr Seraphim lead or be part of your event, but we can only accommodate a very small number of visits per year, usually during Lent and Advent. We do prioritise English-speaking parishes with a significant percentage of the congregation made up of Orthodox converts. We also prioritise invitations made in common by a group of several local parishes.

The invitation must come directly from the parish priest or legal organiser of the event, and should be made at least six months in advance (preferably more). The topic of the event or retreat must also be agreed in advance. 

The local parish is responsible for obtaining the canonical blessing of their Hierarch for Fr Seraphim’s visit. The Monastery will secure the blessing of our own Metropolitan. The Monastery reserves the right to cancel participation in any event that does not follow all canonical steps regarding a visiting priest.

The Monastery does not charge a speaking fee, regardless of the nature of the event, but expects that travelling and accommodation costs are covered by the hosting organisation, and that Fr Seraphim will be given the opportunity to talk to the congregation about the Monastery and the Celtic Saints. If the parish or event committee wishes to make a donation to the Monastery, that can be done via American Friends of the Celtic Saints. Although this is not expected, it is greatly appreciated.

For more information and to send an invitation, write to [email protected]