Hosting an event as a way to fundraise for the Monastery was first suggested by our Friends. All the examples below have come from ideas they had, but they are in no way exhaustive. We welcome and shall seriously consider any proposal you send us. However, you do need to have the blessing of the Monastery before going ahead.

Organising an event can mean anything from getting involved in your own church fair or the festival of other churches in your area, to promoting the Celtic Saints and the Monastery at a local Celtic festival, or renting a stall at your local Christmas market.

Other friends have used their skills and talents to organise classes and workshops – iconography, painting, singing, carving etc are all great options. These are promoted as fundraising opportunities on behalf of the Monastery and are based on a participation fee and / or donation.

Several of our friends – from the US to Canada – are using their homes for an annual fundraising dinner. It is amazing what a beautiful dinner set and good food, sprinkled with lots of good will and old friendships can achieve for the Monastery. And because they happen every year, these fundraising dinners tend to develop into a beautiful local tradition and a long-lasting relationship with the Monastery.

An alternative can be to use the local parish hall or even to rent a small local venue. Ask around – in almost every town there is a local diner owned by a Christian family who will be happy to help. Surely one of your friends can (almost) play the guitar; surely one or two of your friends can contribute to the food ingredients, while others can do the cooking. Do exactly what we do – ask your friends to help you.

As part of these events, we can look for a local Mullamnus (a Mull pilgrimage alumnus) who could join in and offer a first-hand account of the Isles and the Monastery. We can also arrange for a live streaming online talk or a Q&A session with Fr Seraphim or one of the members of the Monastery. PowerPoint presentations, information regarding the Isles and Celtic Christianity and lots of helpful advice (and prayer) are available for anyone who would like to organise a fundraising event for the Monastery.

Send us your ideas to [email protected]