The Monastery has been running week-long summer pilgrimages to the Celtic Isles since 2015. We have introduced hundreds of wonderful people to the holy sites of these amazing Isles and the extraordinary Saints who lived here. Most of our pilgrims come from the United States, Canada and Australia. Please note that these are spiritual pilgrimages, not touristic opportunities. The focus of this experience is prayer and developing a personal relationship with the Saints of the Isles.

We visit some of the most remote and authentic places connected with early Celtic Christianity in the Scottish Isles. Some of these places have been uninhabited for centuries, with no touristic or religious routes linking them to other destinations. The pilgrimages organised by the Monastery are the only way one can visit some of these isles. Our pilgrims spend half of their time with the Brothers’ Monastery on Iona, and the other half at Mothers’ Monastery on Mull.

Among many other places, we shall get to the holy sites on Iona (Iona Abbey, Martyrs’ Bay, the Nunnery, St Oran’s Chapel, the famous Celtic High Crosses, St Columba’s Bay, the Hill of the Turning Back to Ireland, the Marble Quarry and the Machair); the ruins of St Kenneth’s monastery and the ancient hermit cells; St Brendan’s monastery on his uninhabited Isle; and some of the great Celtic Christian places on the Isle of Mull (The Nuns’ Cave, the Carsaig Arches, Kilninian etc). The schedule depends on the weather and the state of the ocean.

We aim to make sure that, once you arrive to Mull, there is nothing else for you to worry about for the entire week. This way, we may focus on the pilgrimage itself, on personal prayer and communion with one another. If you need help with any aspect of the trip to Mull, we are here to advise and help you.

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