We are aware that not everyone can afford to financially support the Monastery, so we do pray for everyone who asks for help. This is the purpose of our existence, this is why we are here, to pray for you and the world. 

This section is not about the support we can offer you – our prayer is open to everyone. This section is about the support you can offer to the Monastery, so we may continue being in the Hebrides, offering our prayer for everyone.

The Monastery exists today through the very practical sacrifice of a very large number of people. We do not have any major supporter. We have not received and do not receive any financial support from any Church or state. Everything at the Monastery has been made possible by the sacrifice of thousands of people like you.

The purpose of this system is to encourage and show our gratitude to people who support the Monastery by MONTHLY DONATIONS – these are easy to set up from our Make a Donation page, by choosing to make your contribution ‘monthly’.

To become a BENEFACTOR, one must support the Monastery with a recurrent donation of 50 to 99 pounds per month. One time donations do not qualify.

To become a FRIEND, one must support the Monastery with a monthly donation of over 100 pounds. One time donations do not qualify.

Friends can become Founders once their monthly donations cumulate to the Founders level.

A FOUNDER is someone who has offered us a one-time donation of over 10,000 pounds or someone who has made several donations which add to over 10,000 pounds. A Friend whose monthly donations have cumulated in time to that amount will also automatically become a Founder.

In return, we offer


Everyone – Benefactors, Friends and Founders – is included in our daily prayer for as long as they support us. (Founders are prayed for permanently, for as long as the Monastery exists.)

Everyone is mentioned by name at every single Proskomidia service. (Founders are also remembered by name during the Divine Liturgy, as part of the Litany of Peace.)

All our Benefactors, Friends and Founders are included in all our prayers for remission of sins, Unction and all services of healing we offer during the year. Those departed from their families are also remembered during our Memorial Services.


All our Benefactors, Friends and Founders will receive three or four Letters with updates and information about the Monastery and our community. These can be physical letters (if an address is provided) or emails.


All our Benefactors, Friends and Founders receive a free copy of any new booklet (see our ‘Booklets’) published by the Monastery while they support us. 

Founders will receive a free copy of all materials published by the Monastery, regardless of their nature and cost.


You will be the first to know about our Pilgrimages. Before we publicly announce our annual pilgrimages, we offer the first choice to our Benefactors, Friends and Founders.

Not only that, but we also invite you to be the first pilgrims when we offer an entirely new pilgrimage (as was the case with Moldavia, Northumbria and Outer Hebrides).


For our Friends and Founders, we also organise special, one-time only pilgrimages which are offered exclusively to them. For example, we shall have a week-long sailing trip to the Small Isles this summer, a pilgrimage to the Holy Mountain and another one to the Greek Isles. These are one time events, which are meant to deepen our friendship with those who sacrifice for our Monastery.


This is a wonderful week, which we dread and eagerly await at the same time. We dread it because we want it to be perfect and we want you to feel the love and gratitude we have for you in every detail. We look forward to it because it is a unique opportunity to meet the community, pray together, share stories and walks in the peace and quiet of autumn in the Hebrides.

We organise this once every other year, and we issue an invitation to all our Founders and all our Friends who have supported us for at least 12 months at the time when the Invitation is issued. Because of the limited spaces available, we confirm places in the order in which we receive your replies.

The Friends’ and Founders’ Week usually takes place at the beginning of October. We regularly change the location, so we gradually experience together the Inner and Outer Hebrides. This allows us to build memories together, while praying to the Celtic Saints of these islands.