Our small Monastery lives in the heart of a hidden treasure for the Orthodox world in the West. The Saints of these Isles shone bright in the first millennium and they are our direct historical link to the very roots of Orthodoxy, our Orthodox DNA.

Our monastic Community has a duty to rediscover these Saints and to bring them back into our lives. More appropriately, we have a duty to educate and to get us back in touch with our own spiritual past. If we forget our roots, we have already condemned our fruit.

The Monastery organises and leads annual week-long Pilgrimages to destinations related to the Saints of the Isles, the Saints of Northumbria and the Monasteries in Moldavia. Starting 2021, we shall also offer annual pilgrimages to the Outer Hebrides.

Our mission is to expose our modern hearts to the spiritual treasures of the first millennium, with the firm conviction that Grace will enter and work our salvation from within. Seek peace, be still and allow the winds and the waves of this ‘ocean desert’ to speak to you about our Creator and the amazing Saints who served Him ‘at the ends of the world’.

All our 2020 Pilgrimages are now fully booked. Pilgrimages for 2021 will be announced in late February – early March 2020. If you would like to be added on our waiting list or to be notified in case of a late cancellation, email us at mull.pilgrimages@yahoo.com