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It’s very simple, really. To found the first Orthodox monastery in the Hebrides in over a millennium, we need everyone’s help – that includes you, as well, no matter how insignificant your help may seem. A monastery should not be a single man’s creation, it should be built on the foundation of everyone’s love and sacrifice.

A long time ago, you could have helped by coming over and giving a hand at the actual process of building the monastic cells or cleaning the ground, digging the septic tank or the water system, by cooking or washing and so on. Today though, most of us are professionals, working in offices and only being able to help by making a donation. But that is just as good: we know (and God definitely knows it!) that your donation, you money doesn’t just fall from the sky. That donation comes from hard-work, long hours in your office, patience, sacrifice and, above all, love.

When you make a donation, you donate more than just money, you give us and this monastery the fruit of all those long hours of work, you sacrifice to God and to this monastery that part of your time (that part of your life) which you spent working in order to make that money. And for that sacrifice, we thank you. For that sacrifice, we pray that God blesses you and all those you carry in your heart. May He repay you when you need it most.

We are not fundraising to build a palace; we had problems with our first architectural plans precisely because our monastic cells were too small (illegally small!). In fact, we are not even fundraising for a building right now – before we get to the building, in order for this monastery to live, we need a small piece of land. We are now asking for your help to raise 65,000 pounds (about 100,000 dollars) to buy this piece of land, and thus insure the future of our monastery.

To put in bluntly, we need this land so we can draw running water and build a septic tank. At the moment, because we own no land at all, the monastery has no toilet facilities and no drinking water. We ask you for you help to cover the very basics, the minimum necessary for the life of this monastery: clean water and toilets.

The land we want to buy has 5 acres, and looks like this:

schita manastire copy

So far, we have raised over 11,000 pounds and 20,000 dollars (UPDATED March 25); by September, we need to raise the entire amount – 65,000 pounds (approx. 100,000 dollars). I shall keep you updated as we progress, so you know that your donations are being appreciated and put to good use.

If you’ve read so far, please consider making a donation; we know that it represents more than just money. It is your sacrifice (of time, hard work and love) for God, for this monastery and the wonderful Saints the Hebrides have given us. May God bless you for your love.


Our US friends are welcome to support us by making a donation via PayPal.

Alternatively, if you would like to receive a US tax receipt for your donations, please send your contribution to our sister monastery, Protection of the Holy Virgin. The cheque should be made for

Protection Monastery / SCOTLAND Monastery

and sent to PO Box 416, Lake George, CO 80827.

If you would like to receive a tax receipt for your donation, please specify that in your letter and make sure to include a return address.

The two monasteries – Monastery of Sts Cuthbert and Ninian (Mull, Scotland) and Protection of the Virgin Monastery (Lake George, Colorado) – have become sister monasteries with the blessing of our two bishops: Metropolitan Joseph and Archbishop Nathaniel, respectively.

Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness; may God bless you and repay you in His Kingdom.

6 thoughts on “Ways YOU can help

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    • Much, much gratitude for the Parish of St Cuthbert in Sheffield for all their help. You’ve been amazingly kind and supportive. I hope to meet all of you one day, so I may thank you in person.

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